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You’ll never know how much you can amplify your voice until you boldly embrace it. Follow along as I share my journey through a purposeful, intentional life. Arrow Order Now!

Publication date: April 5, 2022

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Publication date: April 5, 2022

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Dominique Life Makeover

Embrace the Bold, Beautiful and Blessed YOU

Three-time Emmy Award–winning newscaster and popular YouTube and social media encourager, Dominique Sachse delivers a powerful call to women to embrace their outward beauty as the first step in living with internal boldness, confidence, and renewed joy.

About the book

Dominique Sachse knows about the connection between external appearance and self-confidence. Through nearly three decades as the face of Houston TV news, she has garnered more than 1.5 million followers on YouTube and appeared on the Today show several times to share her wisdom about beauty and its ability to bolster inner worth.

Writing to every woman who has found herself lost in a sea of other people’s needs or drowning in endless responsibilities, Sachse urges them to create space in their lives to discover–or rediscover–who they really are and to rekindle that fire within, inspiring them to take bold risks. Through personal stories she shows them how she has fought fear with faith and has chosen to express grace and class in all situations. Like a close friend, she also vulnerably describes her own mistakes and imperfections and explains how making over her outward appearance resulted in a happier and healthier version of herself–emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Filled with confidence-boosting wisdom about cultivating rest and lifegiving hobbies, Sachse also offers practical, expert tips about hair, makeup, and fashion, all while encouraging and affirming women to live to their fullest.

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  • icon-lightbulb How to find beauty in each and every part of you and your life
  • icon-lightbulb What investing in yourself really looks like
  • icon-lightbulb The importance of bold risk taking and conquering imagined fear to get you to the next level
  • icon-lightbulb Using your belief system and faith to elevate yourself, affecting your inner peace and outer reflection
  • icon-lightbulb And throughout it all, the ever changing path I took to learn all these lessons firsthand



Whether it’s fair or not, we can’t change the fact that the way we look is powerful.


I am my most valuable investment.


Bold moves are contagious and limitless. Being bold is an action, not reaction. It puts you in the driver’s seat.


No amount of makeup illuminates like the glow that comes from a self-actualized, satisfied woman.


Sometimes to move forward, we have to release the past, the emotional chains that bind and limit our mobility.


Please don’t get caught up in the judgment, whether self-imposed or laid on you by others. At any moment at any time in our lives, we have a chance to hit the reset button.


Your age or stage of life has no bearing whatsoever on your ability to make bold moves and make important changes.


There always comes a time when you’ve done what you can to prepare. You’re right there at the edge, and all that’s left is to jump.


Wherever you are, you may be just one bold move away from getting back on track.


We need to turn down the volume on all that outside noise and listen more intently to that quiet voice inside.





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Dominique Sachse Author

Author Bio

Emmy Award–winning journalist Dominique Sachse has anchored the news for KPRC in Houston, Texas, for more than twenty-seven years. Beginning her career as a traffic reporter and working her way up to the anchor desk, she quickly became a role model for women who sought her out for beauty advice and wisdom about life. In 2014 she launched her YouTube channel as a place to offer fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips for women in their prime, and the response was enormous. Today she has well over one million subscribers.

Dominique is the mother of one son. She balances her professional responsibilities with her own practice of self-care, family commitments, and charity events.

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