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sculptra before and after result

09 May 2022

All You Need to Know About Sculptra, the “Nonsurgical Facelift” (+My Before [...]

Over the years, you’ve seen me doing procedures like Botox or fillers, which I’ve filmed and written about, taking you through the whole process and results step-by-step. But Sculptra is something else! While injecting a solution in the complexion area is very similar, th[...] Read more

15 April 2022

The Best Drugstore Makeup of ALL TIME (That Looks Anything But Cheap!)

The makeup industry has boomed over the last decade, and the options are many. And even though you’ve seen a lot of high-end makeup looks, we have to acknowledge that the drugstore brands have really stepped up their game lately. I’ve put together the ultimate guide f[...] Read more
best anti aging skincare and body products

06 April 2022

Top Anti-Aging Skincare & Bodycare Products Over 50s (from Head to Toe!)

Anti-aging means having an overall youthful appearance, which can mean having beautiful skin, hair, or just being confident in your own skin. Having that confidence often comes with age, because it takes time to own that femininity and all the qualities we possess. But taking goo[...] Read more
intermittent fasting for women guide

24 February 2022

Intermittent Fasting: Everything You Need to Know About Intermittent Fasting Fro[...]

I’m sure we’ve all heard about intermittent fasting (IF), as it is the most popular diet lately. But is it just another trend that will pass as suddenly as it came along? Or is there some solid data behind it? As it turns out, IF is a tale as old as time, as far as [&[...] Read more
dry skin makeup

14 February 2022

Makeup for Dry Skin: How to Prep & Apply a Flawless Makeup Look That Won’[...]

We all know how uncomfortable dry skin can feel, but when adding dehydration and an inefficient skincare routine, things get a lot more complicated. Whether we are talking about having a dry skin type or getting very dehydrated from external conditions, we are all in the same boa[...] Read more

04 February 2022

The Best Self Tanners for Pale Skin, That Won’t Make You Look Streaky

We all want to look like we’ve found the fountain of youth, and there are many ways to achieve that; starting with procedures, an excellent skincare routine, and taking care of our whole body. But I have one secret that may surprise you since it is so simple yet effective: [...] Read more
how to dress to look skinny

04 February 2022

How to Dress to Look Thinner & Taller: My Slimming Fashion Styling Tricks!

For us, women in our prime, looking slimmer and younger are two of the best things to boost our mood. But come to think of it, who doesn’t want to look slender and dynamic, no matter their age, especially if there are no diets or working out involved? This is why I’ve[...] Read more
under-eye concealer technique

02 February 2022

How to Apply Concealer to Get Rid of Under-Eye Bags & Dark Circles Like a P[...]

Under-eye bags and dark circles are a concern at any age, as they may be genetic or caused by certain lifestyle choices. But they usually become an everyday problem as we age because the skin in the under-eye area loses elasticity, so puffiness and darkness are more prominent. Th[...] Read more
best makeup for older women over 50

12 January 2022

The Best Lifting Makeup for Older Women: The Right & Wrong Ways to Apply Ma[...]

When you are a woman in her prime you have the love and acceptance of who and what you really are. But as the years go by, our skin starts to lose collagen and elastin, which hold the structure of our complexion. It becomes saggy, no longer plump and firm as it used to be [&helli[...] Read more
best multivitamins and supplements for women over 40

10 January 2022

The Best Anti-Aging Multivitamins, Supplements & Probiotics for Women Over[...]

As the years go by, we all need help in some departments because our body doesn’t produce nutrients at the same rate as it used to. Especially for us women, many hormonal changes lead to saggy skin, low energy levels, and frail bones. This is where a balanced lifestyle can [...] Read more