Youthful Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Women in our prime have a lot of benefits like a lot of balance, wisdom, and being a lot more confident in our own skin. But there are also small challenges that we need to overcome, because our body doesn’t produce nutrients as fast as it used to. This means less collagen, less firmity on the skin and muscle, but also thinning hair.

I’ve discovered that shorter hairstyles can do wonders for flat, thin hair, because reducing the weight adds instant lift to the roots. As a bonus, a layered and bouncy haircut will give you a fresh and youthful appearance. But there is always the fear of change that holds us back, especially for those used to having long, sleek locks.

When we dare to venture out of our comfort zone, that’s when we evolve, we move forward. The result will be surprising, by discovering exciting new possibilities. After all, having the courage to constantly find new ways to do things is the definition of staying young.

So take these drastic changes to your hairstyle as an exciting adventure. To guide you in your quest, I’ve created a list of some of my favorite hairstyles I’ve tried over the years with all the tips and tricks to get the most out of them. I hope you get inspired and try to add flare to your haircut and your overall appearance.

Shaggy Bob Haircut for Fine Hair

shaggy bob haircut

This shaggy bob is the perfect hairstyle for a youthful and vibrant look. Adding lots of layers is the best thing that can happen for fine hair, because it gives it an instant lift. Long and straight pieces always put pressure on the hair strand, weighing it down; this will make fine or thin hair look flat and lifeless. A very choppy and shorter cut is just what the hair Gods ordered to add lift and movement to your locks.

Styling and Maintenance:

With this shaggy haircut you literally can’t go wrong, when it comes to styling it. It’s not meant to be very polished or formal, so the messier the better. Sky’s the limit with this hairstyle: you can add volume and shine with a round brush and a blow dryer, or you can just run your fingers through the hair and you’re good to go.

styling layered bob

However, to best bring out that shaggy texture, try adding some loose waves with a flat iron, making sure to leave the ends straight for a more youthful vibe. To finish off the hairstyle, apply a volumizing cream, and some hairspray for a long-lasting effect.

shaggy medium bob

For a full tutorial on this dynamic hairstyle, please watch this video:

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Curly Bob Haircut for a Youthful Look

If you have a naturally curly texture you know that’s not the easiest hair type to manage. It can be unruly, porous, and very dry. Also, it can be a little more difficult to find the right haircut for curly hair, because very short can look a bit off, and very long can weigh the curls down.

Choosing a medium to short cut with lots of layers may be your best bet to emphasize that beautiful natural texture. Shorter in the back and with longer bangs will give it a dynamic and youthful appearance.

curly bob

Styling and Maintenance:

This type of haircut plays into the natural texture, and that is always a plus. You can let your hair air dry, making sure to hydrate it first, and put on some volumizing hair mousse. Or you can go for a more elaborate hairstyle, with more controlled curls.

natural curls

For adding looser curls, you can use a small round brush and a blow dryer, or a curling iron. Whatever the method, apply some volumizing mousse when the hair is still damp, to give lift at the roots. Set the playful curls with a flexible hairspray at the very end, and enjoy this dynamic hairstyle!

styling curly hair

Get a full tutorial and advice on creating these looks here:

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Modern Pixie Bob Haircut for Lots of Volume

short pixie haircut

This hairstyle is a very bold choice but the end result will make it all worth it! So if you are brave enough to chop your locks off, you can get a very voluminous and chic hairstyle that has been very on trend the last few years.

Styling and Maintenance:

For maximum impact make the cut really short in the back with longer pieces in the front. This will give you more versatility when it comes to styling it – you can leave the hair straight, with lots of volume at the roots, for a formal look at the office, or curl the longer side pieces, for a funky look.

short modern hairstyle

Either way, this look is very simple to maintain; with only a few tools, like a blow dryer, a small round brush, and a flat iron, or curling iron, you are good to go.

pixie blow out

For more information on this hairstyle, please watch a full video below:

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Short & Choppy Bob, a Versatile Hairstyle

short layered bob

For all my girls out there with thinning, flat hair, the answer for you is right here! Go for a short and very layered bob to get instant volume! Cutting a lot of that length off will give instant lift to your locks, and a fresh vibe to your whole appearance.

Styling and Maintenance:

This haircut is one of the easiest to take care of and style. You can do as little as a blow out and texturize it with a volume styling cream. Try adding more volume by messing it with your fingers and applying some hairspray right at the roots.

For those who fear having short hair means wearing it only one way, believe me, it’s actually very versatile. From straight, to curly or wavy, there is so much you could do with this hairstyle.

For a formal look, I love wearing it slicked back and tucked behind the ears with some bold earrings as a statement piece. Just take a small amount of hair polish and rub it on your ends, tucking the ends behind the ears. Keep some volume at the roots and your chic hairstyle is done!

sleek short haircut

For a night on the town, give the hair some crazy volume and a special twist. Start by directing your hair back when doing the blow out, instead of side-to-side. Then take a pomade or styling cream and pull it further back, keeping lots of lift at the roots. Tuck the hair behind the ears for a sleek look and you are ready for a fabulous night out!

pulled back hairstyle

Watch the full video tutorial here:

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A Vibrant Layered Bob Hairstyle

layered medium bob

Sometimes all it takes is an amazing hairstyle to make you feel like a superwoman! The confidence you get from feeling stylish and put together is priceless. A medium bob can do just that especially when it has lots of layers to give you endless possibilities to style it. Bonus – fine hair will look much thicker with the added dimension, and lift at the roots.

Styling and Maintenance:

This particular hairstyle looks good straight from a simple blow out and round brush, but you can also give it a slight kick with some loose waves. For added volume, tease the roots with a small comb, then add soft curls with a flat iron.

waves hairstyle

From side-to-side and in the back there is so much dimension and movement with this hairstyle. If you have some soft highlights the effect will be spectacular, because the soft waves will play perfectly on all those different shades.

layered bob

Get the full tips and tricks for this stylish bob, in the video below:

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Sexy Medium Bob Hairstyle for a Night Out

An everyday look is great when you’re always on the go but giving your look a special twist is always welcomed. If you want something special for a night out, a date, or a special event, look no further than this beautiful layered medium bob.

wavy bob

Styling and Maintenance:

For a special night on the town, add some soft waves using a curling iron. Twist the tool away from the face, and leave the ends out, for a modern hairstyle. After you’ve gone around the whole head, run your fingers through the hair; this way you will loosen the curls and get a more natural, effortless result.

styling medium bob

Continue to manipulate the hair until you are happy with the voluminous hairstyle, then set it in place with hairspray.

voluminous bob

Get the full tutorial here:

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Versatile Angled Bob Perfect for Fine Hair

short bob haircut

This short bob hairstyle has shorter pieces in the back and longer angular ones in the front. While the haircut seems very basic, it actually gives you endless possibilities when it comes to styling it, and giving it many different vibes.

Styling and Maintenance:

Many women are afraid to commit to a shorter hairstyle because they will be stuck in just one look. But there are so many things that you can do with this slight asymmetric bob and I’m here to give you some inspiration.

You can keep the style very simple with a mid-part and some teasing in the back for added volume. Or try moving your part deep to one side for a dramatic side-swept bang; put lots of volume at the roots, and tuck your hair under the ear on one side, for a youthful effect.

short layered hairstyle

How about pulling your hair back for a dynamic and vibrant appearance? This hairstyle would be perfect for meeting your girlfriends for a night on the town.

voluminous hairstyle

You can even give the illusion of long hair, if you wear a fake bun and slick back all of your hair. As I’ve said, the sky’s the limit with this versatile haircut.

fake bun hairstyle

For more information on how to achieve these hairstyle, please watch the video:

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Youthful Medium Bob With Lots of Layers

wavy layered bob

This look is all about bounce and a vibrant feel! Starting from a medium length bob, spare no efforts to give your hairstyle loads of volume and dimension. Having some highlights also helps this look appear multi-layered and fun.

Styling and Maintenance:

A very well executed haircut is always going to be easy to maintain, because it makes the hair move in a natural way. But giving it an extra something once in a while is so much fun! Start by adding volumizing products, such as hair mousse, texturizing cream, or hairspray (to set the volume in place).

Blow drying your hair by holding your large brush upwards adds so much lift at the roots, and tames the frizz.

blow dry medium bob

For a more polished look, try adding some big waves with a curling iron, pulling it away from the face. Use your fingers to make them seem more natural and bring the whole together. Now step back and admire the result: a bouncy hairstyle, with so much movement and personality.

curling medium bob

To get this bouncy look, watch the full tutorial here:

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Short & Choppy Haircut With Highlights

short pixie bob

This short bob is the perfect haircut if you’re always on the go, and need something low maintenance. Just blow dry your hair, and apply a small amount of pomade to make the ends more polished. For a more youthful vibe, tuck the sides behind the years and you are done!

Styling and Maintenance:

Keeping this haircut looking beautiful is a breeze. Very short and voluminous in the back and coming at an angle for the longer pieces at the front, this asymmetrical bob is amazing. Pair it with some highlights for added dimension and you’ve got the perfect hairstyle.

voluminous bob hairstyle

But don’t let this low maintenance vibe fool you, there are many things you can do with this short bob. Try adding some waves with a flat iron for even more volume and flare, and set everything in place with a good hairspray.

wavy asymetrical bob

For more ideas and information on this sleek bob, please watch this video:

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Soft Medium Bob With Bangs, for a Feminine Vibe

bangs haircut

A well done bang can take years off your appearance and frame your face beautifully. This medium bob is very feminine and plays off great to the face structure, by having straighter lines than an asymmetrical one.

Styling and Maintenance:

This haircut gives you many possibilities for different styles. Just let your imagination fly! One way to wear it is by straightening the bangs and hair with a round brush and a blow dryer; then, tuck the hair behind the ears, for a sleek and flirty look.

styling bangs

If you want to add a different note, use a curling or a flat iron to put in some soft curls. The messier, the better, for a more relaxed and youthful look.

bangs bob hairstyle

Watch more tips and tricks in the video below:

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A Drastic Change for a Youthful Vibe

So here you have some of my best looks over the years that show change can be a great thing. I have always been a believer of the fact that hair doesn’t define us, so you don’t have to get stuck in just one hairstyle for years and years.

Getting a drastic change once in a while can be very refreshing, and provide a new and exciting vibe to your personal style. I hope these looks inspire you to try a short pixie cut or a medium bob, and discover how flattering they are for thinning hair.

For more inspiration and many ideas on hair care and styling, please check out my extensive hair playlist: