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Content creator, beauty and lifestyle encourager, journalist and now author of Life Makeover - Embrace The Bold, Beautiful, and Blessed YOU!

Hi There!

I’m Dominique Sachse, Author, YouTuber, Influencer, Encourager and former prime time news anchor for KPRC 2 for 28 years. I’m also family-oriented, charity-minded and wanting to make a difference. I’ve always taken an interest in self-improvement with a focus on creating a happy and beautiful purpose-driven life. It’s about investing in every area to be our absolute best. That’s what I want to share with you in Life Makeover, scheduled for release April 5, 2022. Please head to my Book page to learn more!

My first steps in television

I’ve been a broadcast journalist since 1993 and my road here was off the beaten path, especially in this business at that time. I began as a Metro Traffic reporter for a variety of radio stations in 1990. One of them, Mix 96.5, hired me as a disc jockey, where I worked overnights and then late nights. I jumped ship and came to Channel 2 for the morning show traffic position. While there, I gave it my all, filling in on the anchor desk one week. New management noticed and I’ve been at that desk, at different time periods, ever since.
My TV career will be ending soon. It has been a blessed career that has opened so many doors, for which I am grateful.

Proudly witnessed history in the making

I’m often asked, “what have been your favorite stories to cover?” There are too many to mention, but President George W. Bush’s inauguration in January 2001 and Pope John Paul II’s visit to Mexico City canonizing Juan Diego in 2002 were memorable. So were my London trips to cover the Royal Wedding in 2010 and the Olympics in 2012 and 2016. My first assignment was a behind-the-scenes series of all the hot NBC-TV shows at the time called “Assignment Hollywood” in 1994. However, the most touching and gut-wrenching involved the aftermath of tropical storms and hurricanes. That’s when you realize how fragile we are and truly dependent on one another’s benevolence and good will.

Defining moments in my career

Achievements are always a team effort. My work over the years has blessed me with three Emmy awards and several AWRT awards for on-air personality, the prestigious Edward R. Murrow as show host for “Jennifer’s Story”, as well as accolades from the Houston Press Club and the Texas Associated Press. The University of Houston, my Alma Mater, named me “Outstanding Young Communications Alumna” and “Distinguished Alumni”. But, I feel the best award is when a viewer says, “I’ve been watching you since your traffic days”. It’s that history and sense of connection that resonates. I am so proud to have told many interesting stories about Houston and its people, and the fact the viewers trust me to do it and invite me into their homes every day, is the biggest honor. As a content creator, words can’t describe the moment that shiny gold YouTube plaque arrived signifying that I had surpassed the 1 million viewer mark. That milestone truly reflected the beautiful connection I feel with women all over that world that continues to grow and fuel me to this day.

The power of sharing

During all these years anchoring, I’ve spent an important part of my life preparing, not just the news of the day but my own hair, make-up and wardrobe. I’ve worked with many consultants, who have taught me a great deal about what looks best on camera. From there, I developed my own sense of style and creative self-expression to personalize things. I’ve always said, “If you don’t like this look, wait six months, and it’ll be different.” As a bit of a chameleon, I’ve tried many products, concoctions and how-to’s. I’ve discovered what suits me best and have formulated a bit of a standard that I feel can be applied to anyone. If my content enables a woman to see herself differently, try something new, get out of the box and invest in herself physically, emotionally and spiritually, then it’s all worth it. We’re all looking for ways to be our best self yet. That’s my mission as a “YouTuber,” and your loving messages have welcomed me and shown me that you’re enjoying the journey!


While I genuinely love my work, I feel nothing tops the reward of being in the game as a parent. It’s a balancing act, not centered around the daily home run, but more on batting average and showing heart, soul, and determination every time you step up to the plate.

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