How to Dress to Look Thinner & Taller: My Slimming Fashion Styling Tricks!

For us, women in our prime, looking slimmer and younger are two of the best things to boost our mood. But come to think of it, who doesn’t want to look slender and dynamic, no matter their age, especially if there are no diets or working out involved?

This is why I’ve created a list of the best outfits and fashion tips that will make you look 10 pounds slimmer almost instantly, just by using classic clothing pieces and a few pops of color and style. You probably already own most of these types of clothes, so you just need to change the way you put outfits together.

Keep reading to get my best slimming styling tips and clothes that make you look thinner!

Invest in Good Shapewear

A good look always starts with what you wear underneath the clothes, which gives you structure and shape. If the undergarments are the wrong size, maybe too tight, or not fitted enough, your whole shape will look a bit off.

The best advice I can give you is to invest in excellent shapewear! There are many excellent options out there of great Spanx or bras. So depending on what your issues are, you can definitely find something to suit you and conceal those areas you’re not so confident about.

You can choose high-waisted briefs if the middle section is your concern or a full bodysuit if you want all-over support. These will create a harmonious shape and hide love handles, or a little bit of tummy, by hugging your body in just the right places and pulling you in.

Having a fitted bra is also a great asset; some women are wider on the sides, others are heavier up top. To have a perfectly fitted bra, for your size and a particular shape, is the best feeling in the world because it will give different confidence and even posture.

Getting some excellent shapewear for yourself is the first step, and an essential one, to make you look leaner. Wearing it will give a great base to work with when choosing an outfit for every day or a special occasion.

Avoid Clothes That Are Too Tight

I know you are probably tempted to wear tighter clothes, thinking they will make you feel slimmer, but that is not the case. Actually, you will get the opposite effect and draw attention to those exact areas you are trying to hide.

By wearing clothing items that are a few sizes too small, you will create some lumps and bumps that are very unflattering. You will get either a” muffin top,” meaning that effect you get when wearing tight, low-waisted jeans, some bumps on your upper back if having a very tight bra, or other undesired protrusions.

Start with great shapewear to give yourself a smoother base, then continue with clothes that fit you perfectly. When you learn how to choose clothing items that give your body structure too, you’ve won the battle. You will look a lot slimmer, stylish, and people will admire you for knowing how to put your best foot forward.

Wear Monochromatic (Solid Color) Outfits & Dresses

Monochromatic does not mean an all-black outfit, and especially, it does not have to mean something mundane or frumpy. When I say monochromatic, I refer to choosing one single bold color and pairing that only with neutral colors (such as white, black, beige, or taupe).

Try choosing a solid, fully saturated color for this particular type of outfit because a pastel would blend with the other neutral pieces, and the effect would be lost. To make a statement, my suggestion is to try a red dress, as this will be impactful and suit anyone. If you have a warmer skin tone, go for an orange-red to compliment that natural shade; cool-toned skin looks better with a bluish red.

For the sake of this demonstration, I chose an emerald-green dress. As stated above, it’s a fully saturated color in a simple fabric (no patterns to it). The shape is also crucial here: the dress is an A-line, meaning it comes in at the waist and flares at the bottom. This gives the illusion of a tinier waistline because of the proportions.

green dress

Also, notice the tiny waistband that further accentuates the impression of a small midsection. So what this does is hug the parts that we want (a small waist), and flare away from other areas that we might be self-conscious about (such as the hips or thighs).

Choose Tops with a V-neck

Other elements of this outfit promote the idea of a slender body: the long V-neck attracts the eyes vertically, making the silhouette seem longer (and not wider). The long sleeves also give the illusion of a slimmer figure.

Wear Nude Heels or Pointed Toe Shoes

To complete the look, I’ve paired this dress with a nude high-heel that emphasizes height and makes your legs appear longer and leaner. As stated above, I’ve kept the shoes in a neutral color so they don’t take away from the bold effect of the monochromatic dress.

If You’re Smaller on The Top Half, Pair a Light Shirt with Flared Jeans

These wardrobe hacks are all about creating illusions by playing with proportions and the right colors to achieve the right effect. When putting together an outfit, always consider what you’re trying to obtain and your favorite and least liked parts.

As an example, we can take advantage of color theory to add or decrease the volume of specific areas. We know from makeup that lighter colors make an area stand out, while darker ones slenderize or make sections look more receded.

You can apply this principle in your wardrobe, as well: if you are smaller on your top half, then put a lighter shirt here, and add darker pants when your bottom half is heavier and you want to conceal it. For this look, I chose an off-white shirt, paired with dark jeans.

high-wasted jeans, puffy shirt

You can also play with proportions for the same concerns – the shirt up top has a little structure to it, meaning exaggerated shoulders and voluminous sleeves; this creates the illusion of width, creating a balance with the heavier lower half.

On the other hand, we want length in the bottom half, so I chose high-waisted jeans that flare up at the bottom. They lead the eye vertically, making me look leggy; the high waist emphasizes the small middle rather than focusing on the hip area.

This type of jeans is very long. They need a high-heel, so the bottom of the pants won’t dust the floor. For this look, I paired the outfit with a nude suede sandal with a very high heel and a chunky platform.

Choose High Waisted Pants

To create a long bottom half that makes you look taller and very leggy, choose long pants with a higher waist.

But why stop there and not go for a combination of Spanx and pants? Yes, Spanx makes pants, and I think they are just fantastic! They look great while incorporating all of the benefits of fantastic shapewear, for which Spanx has become a recognized brand.

The pants I am wearing are black, so they slenderize just by the color, but they also have vertical panels up top that cinch in the middle section; this creates the impression of a tiny waist. I’ve paired it with a black ribbed top to demonstrate what a monochromatic black outfit would look like when done right. The shoes are also black – a high platform heel that adds length, making the body look long and lean.

These black pants from Spanx are a staple piece for anyone’s wardrobe. It is so versatile that you can wear it with anything, and it will look great. You could wear it with a dressier blouse or any type of shirt, tucked in or left out, for a more casual look.

spanx black pants

Get a Black Pencil Skirt

Speaking of staple pieces in the closet, a great pencil skirt is one of the best investments. Like the black pants, a pencil skirt is so versatile that you can pair it with anything, especially black and simple.

I’ve paired the simple black pencil skirt with a very bright top in a fuchsia color for this look. This has an interesting detail at the shoulders, that creates width, and a peplum at the bottom, coming in at the waistline. The proportions give just the right touch – the focus is on the small waist.

The black pencil skirt can be dressed up with a blouse like the one in this look, or it can be dressed down for a more casual vibe. Either way, you will get a lot of use out of it, and it will become a go-to in your wardrobe.

black pencil skirt

When it comes to jackets, you have a lot of different styles and lengths to choose from. As with all of your fashion choices, it all depends on what you’re trying to emphasize and what you want to hide or leave in the background.

Choose a Moto Jacket to Accentuate Your Waist

If you have a tiny waist and you want to make that a feature in your outfit, choose a moto jacket. It is a statement piece, so very cool as a wardrobe addition. It is very fitted in the waistline, so I would suggest wearing that zipped so that the jacket can draw the midsection in even more.

You can pair it with that all-black outfit, as the color of the jacket will stand out nicely against the dark background. You will still look very tall and lean because the eye is drawn upward by the black still showing through, from the long pants and the blouse. Pair this jacket with higher-waisted pants or a skirt for a most flattering look.

gray moto jacket

Pair Classic Dark Blazers with Dark Wash Jeans, to Draw Attention From Your Waist

If you are trying to shift focus from your midsection, choose a longer blazer that will attract the eye vertically instead of at the waistline.

For this look, I have on a dark blue jacket, with good structure to it – the shoulders are emphasized just enough, it comes in at the waist, and it goes down, giving your body length. You don’t have to button down the blazer, but rather keep it open to give your body just the right framing.

long blazer

Cinch Your Outfits with Colorful Belts

We always want to create length because looking taller often means looking slimmer, too. But we also have to add some structure, and there’s nothing better than accentuating the waist with a skinny belt. Make that a bright-colored belt, and you’ve got yourself a statement piece that’s going to become your new best friend.

I chose a navy dress with a peplum detail, which has all the correct elements for a slimming effect: a long V-neck, the dark color, and it tapers at the bottom, ending just below the knee. Everything attracts attention vertically, giving the body length. I then added a skinny red belt, which marks the waistline perfectly, making it seem more narrow.

You may think a belt added cuts this length we’ve tried to create right down the middle. But all the details in the dress allow this to happen because I’ve done an excellent job in making myself look very long and not wide. So a small belt in the middle won’t disrupt that or ruin the effect.

I’ve completed my look with the same red hue shoes; they play off the belt nicely and elevate the entire outfit. Notice the shoes aren’t bulky or strapped at the ankles, but rather subtle, to create the idea of long legs further.

You can use a skinny belt on many of your outfits to give them more structure and definition, a pop of color, and a bit of chic. Put a belt over an oversized coat to taper it to your waistline, to a pair of office pants, or on a summer maxi dress.

colorful skinny belt

Wear Structured or Oversized Bags

Now that we have a lot of ideas for outfits that will make you look 10 pounds slimmer let’s think about accessories. Adding them to your look can elevate your style or add that perfect finishing touch to an otherwise basic outfit. But did you know that choosing the right ones can make you appear slimmer?

When it comes to bags, get yourself an excellent structured bag that is oversized. Wearing it will make you look a lot more slender by comparison, and it will add flare to your outfit. And we all know we ladies have a lot of things to carry around with us, so the extra space is always appreciated.

oversized bag

Wear Long, Dangling Jewelry

Jewelry is another item that can reflect your personal style and give your look a certain vibe. If looking slimmer is your goal, make sure to stay away from chunky jewelry that comes very close to your neck; these will add width and weight to your figure. Instead, go for something delicate and dangling that goes down because they will accentuate length. 

The secret to looking 10 pounds slimmer is to change how you think of your outfits!

As you can clearly see, you don’t have to have a lot of clothes from the biggest designers or follow every trend out there. You probably don’t even have to buy anything new, so just look through the pieces you already have with fresh eyes.

Combining the right pieces and adding the perfect accessories makes you wonder how you carry yourself. Always think about creating length, rather than adding width or pounds, and putting just the right touches to achieve this.

Be a Styling Maverick!